I strive to inspire children to get out and spend time in nature and experience how nature can provide a free space for the mind – and benefit mental health - far away from tablets and mobile phones. Through concentrated sensory experiences (look, touch and smell) children and their grown-ups experience how an engaging and inspiring athmosphere can lead them to maintain a present state of awareness.

The way children experience nature has changed from when I was a child. Today time is spent on tablets, Youtube, Fortnite etc. That same time I spent building dens, catching fish and enjoying long bikerides. Those experiences gave me a sense of being in the present. A feeling the can be hard to obtain in a fast paced life.

I am not denying the great possibilities of technology but I still think that we are letting our childring participate in a big experiment. My children and their generation have all odds against them in encountering and enjoying nature when they are small given the wide range of competing digital opportunities. Elements of both the new and old way of living is valuable to our way of living, but I am convinced that children have to be exposed to hands on experiences with the nature in order to fully appreciate it.

Earlier in time it was the extreme conditions of life that lead people suffer from stress. Today it is the normal life – the life, most people live – that leads people to getting burnt out. Our everyday life is only getting even more fast paced. My opinion is that we need to pay attention to this special silent space nature can bring to our brain. A healthy life is not just about diet, no-smoking, non-alcohol and exercise. It is also about mental and emotional health.

I would like to get in contact with children and their grown-ups. I would like to motivate and inspire them to have more sensory experiences together in nature.

The project consists of six ’sensory tents’. The tents will be hanging from trees. In every tent there will be elements from nature. The tent will shield from other stimuli and help to focus and be present.

I work with sensory experiments inspired by materials from nature. I try to get children and their grown-ups to meet through creativity and sensory play. The sensory activities I present them for is all materials from nature which can all be forund when they go out and explore themselves. This could be:
- look for treasures on the forrest floor
- let your fingers run through water and watch the sea shells float
- feel frozen leafs and watch the ice melt
- smell fresh flowers and herbs


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En Sindsyg God Søndag til #trekantfest i Teglgårdsparken i Middelfart A day full of sensory activities

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At Middelfart Library the Author of the popular childrens book dropped by to read to the children. Along side my workshop invited to think as the main character Vitello. What would he build - a monster trap, a scary shark - set your imagination free.

I used recycled materials from 'Skatkammeret'

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Last year I helped set-up this workshop at the library in Middelfart. This year in August we will set up a workshop for another fun festive Friday. #kulturforbørn #trekantfest #vitello #eventsforbørn

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